Music in my life

There’s few music that makes me uncomfortable. Normally I like all genera, but the only one that I don’t really appreciate is the opera. I have never been to a concert of opera, but I had seen videos and it’s not a place I would rather choose to go. That kind of music makes me bored or sleepy and it doesn’t make me feel in a good mood.

I don’t have one kind of music that scares me. There are more like high sounds that start to sound in an unexpected time. That’s why some horror movies scare me. Also when the sound or the music is too loud and start unexpected it gives me chills.

I think that majorly the things that scares me in a music or sound are the high pitch and fast notes. Also when it starts playing unexpected. An example would be the metalic rock or hard rock like iron maden or matallica.



My name is Diego Arturo Sanabria Lopez. I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in the year 1997. My father, Arturo Sanabria, is from the D.F. and my mother, Patricia Lopez, is from a little town called Mascota, Jalisco. I have no brothers or sisters, so I have always been the indulged of the family. At present, I am 18 years old and studying 12 grade (6 semester), at Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara. Before entering to that school I was on a local kinder. There I spend 2 years of my life. For college i'm attending to the UDG (Universidad de Guadalajara) to study chemical engineer, but there is also an option that I prefer to change to medicine. Some of the things I like are sports. I love all kind of sports: American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, MMA, Box, etc. But the one that makes me more passionate is soccer. Since I was a little boy I had practice soccer. I started playing it in the school team. After some years I played with Manchester, a more advanced team, but injuries made me stop playing a while. Some years passed before I started to play again, in my return I started to play with Cofut Jalisco a 4 semiprofessional division. Right now I'm recovering from a hard knee injury and I'm hopping to get back next season.

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