GDL environmental problems

Guadalajara, the capital of the Mexican state Jalisco is affected every year with different kinds of natural and mankind disasters. Normally what is more common in this region is the fires, floods and dries. One of the symbolic natural regions of Jalisco, the Bosque of la Primavera, is affected from intentional fires every year, causing a lot of pollution throughout a vast amount of territory.

In Guadalajara the biggest fires occurred in the Bosque de la Primavera, being the major reason the lack of technology for the prevention of fires. In 2005 one of the biggest fires damage more than 11000 hectares. The consequences of this fire was the elevation of the level of imecas, being 370 the final. This cause the authorities to declare environmental contingency. Every year the forest suffer of a massive fire, normally between 5000 to 11000 hectares are affected.  Authorities say that for every fire there have to pass about 20 years for it to recover the loss of flora and fauna.

Another threat that happens in the state is the lack of rain seasons among the Chapala Lake. This great resource of water is what supplies the metropolitan zone with potable water. The government since a few years in the past had been promoting campaigns to take care of potable water, considering that the size of the lake has been reducing  since some years in the past.

Considering the problems that the city affronts, the government started campaigns for the public knowledge. The water campaign start with SIAPA, the company in charge of providing this service,  normally using the television as a main tool to advertise. The fire campaign was formed after the last great fire that destroyed a vast part of the Bosque of La Primavera. The authorities realized that what was starting the disaster was mankind and not nature.

Jalisco needs to improve the technology for preventing the ecological disasters. Even if the territory is not located in a place where big natural phenomena like: hurricanes, tornados, tropical rains or earthquakes happen, the floods, dries and fires had affected a lot in the environmental progress of the state.

The government has develop an ecological control over the regions to control the protected areas to prevent the main disasters that can affect there, but that isn’t enough. As the population grows the pollution too. New generations aren’t aware of what they are causing, if the city wants to progress in an environmental way, the first thing to do is aware people that the first cause for a disaster is mindkind.



My name is Diego Arturo Sanabria Lopez. I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in the year 1997. My father, Arturo Sanabria, is from the D.F. and my mother, Patricia Lopez, is from a little town called Mascota, Jalisco. I have no brothers or sisters, so I have always been the indulged of the family. At present, I am 18 years old and studying 12 grade (6 semester), at Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara. Before entering to that school I was on a local kinder. There I spend 2 years of my life. For college i'm attending to the UDG (Universidad de Guadalajara) to study chemical engineer, but there is also an option that I prefer to change to medicine. Some of the things I like are sports. I love all kind of sports: American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, MMA, Box, etc. But the one that makes me more passionate is soccer. Since I was a little boy I had practice soccer. I started playing it in the school team. After some years I played with Manchester, a more advanced team, but injuries made me stop playing a while. Some years passed before I started to play again, in my return I started to play with Cofut Jalisco a 4 semiprofessional division. Right now I'm recovering from a hard knee injury and I'm hopping to get back next season.

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